Brand hand

With a surname like Guthier, it might not surprise you to hear that Christian’s been keeping an eye on the German elections. And while he’s been doing that, he’s noticed something about Angela Merkel. Over to him:

Angie, also known as ‘Mutti’ (mother) in Germany is fighting for re-election.

As is always the case, all election posters look pretty much the same, with a smiling candidate and an upbeat slogan popping up around every corner. But then I thought about it a bit more and realised that Angie is taking brand recognition a step further in the political domain.

This is how people know Angie:














Everybody knows her characteristic hand gesture. And some bright spark in the election team has obviously engineered this bold development, which steps away from the usual mug shot and plays on voters’ familiarity with Mutti:

Plakate zur Bundestagswahl
But, then this is the age of the internet. If you show a headless body, it doesn’t take long for this kind of stuff….

merkel 7





















Then again, supporters can fight back too!

merkel 4merkel 5















It’ll be interesting to see whether it all pays off for Mutti’s campaign team – time will tell…