Christian visited Southampton University recently. He came back all wistful and wrote the following:

When I went to the Southampton Uni open day with my daughter the other weekend, I came across three interesting graphics sets.

The first was the marketing suite of materials, best represented by the banners strewn across the campus. The Uni’s message: Changing the world. The Uni’s approach to students is very empowering, and these banners are there to tell young people that they can change the world.


The second set were some pin-boards for the political clubs at the uni (seems to exclude the Green party – or UKIP for that matter). Anyway, I was really interested in their use of space. From looking at the boards, my observation was that there are only a hand full of Tories around, over-compensating for the gaps on their board with large logos and that funny blue tree thingy. Then there were the Liberal Youth… with a lot of empty spaces. Does that represent a policy vacuum? Lastly there was the Labour club board. Seems that’s where the crowd is. All goes to show that you can’t underestimate the importance of presentation.


And, saving the best to last, I was very impressed by the large infographic used by SUSU (the student union) in their reception area. It is a clear and engaging graphic trying to make a complex world  more understandable – lessons for us all there perhaps. Plus, it made me want to go to uni too! They’ve got a great bar downstairs..