Meet Simon


Amy Christian wants you to meet someone – a brilliant photographer and film-maker who’s just been recognised for the incredible film he made for Oxfam in the DRC. Over to her:

I would like to introduce you to a very talented photographer, film-maker and friend, Simon Rawles. He has been working with Oxfam since 2011, visiting our programme work and producing films and images that show both the problems people face in some of the most remote areas of the world as well as some of the amazing work our teams are doing on the ground.

Simon has worked for Oxfam in Rwanda, the DRC, Gaza and Mali to cover a variety of topics. And in November I was lucky enough to travel with him to visit some of our programmes in Cambodia (see above and below). It was a tough trip with lots to see and lots to produce; we saw some truly innovative programme work and met some very inspiring women and for me it was an honour to work alongside Simon after two years of commissioning him.


Since then he has travelled with us to see the work we are doing in Jordan’s Zaatari camp in response to the Syria crisis. His photos, as always, were poignant, showing the reality of camp life for thousands of refugees arriving every day from Syria.


Yesterday we found out that Simon had won 1st prize for Digital Film in the Press Photographer’s Year 2013 for the first ever film he made for us in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011.  Seeing the film again I found it as heart breaking as the first time. But I am pleased to see that even two years after the film was produced it is still being watched and shared and hopefully inspiring people to take action against injustice.

Watch Simon’s award-winning film, Congo villagers gripped by LRA terror, here. 

And here are a few more photos from the Oxfam programmes Simon has visited, too:


cambodia pineapples