Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Light of day

You may remember we told you a while back about Bekki Frost’s quest to digitise Oxfam’s photo archive. She’s made some amazing discoveries along the way. And, thanks to her, some incredible images… Continue reading

Here 2013

Last Friday, a group of us went to a ‘creative symposium’ where we got as much free flavoured coconut water as we could drink. It was run by the people behind the brilliant… Continue reading

IF only

Last week’s G8 summit brought with it Oxfam’s big IF moment. The campaign itself is really ambitious, with a coalition of more than 200 organisations calling for world leaders to take action on… Continue reading

5 steps to working better as a creative team

We’re always pushing ourselves to work better – better ideas, better processes and better cakes. (Fred’s Father’s Day cake this week was a particular highlight). One thing we’ve been talking about lately is… Continue reading

Genesis, Sebastian Salgado

Story-gatherer Amy Christian has been to a brilliant exhibition. She wants to tell you about it: On Tuesday I went to visit the long anticipated exhibition ‘Genesis’ by Sebastian Salgado. Salgado has long been… Continue reading

Trailtrekker 2013

Last weekend was truly epic for Team Inhouse Outdoors. Alan, Amy, Darren (our token non-Oxfam team-mate) and Janine took to the Yorkshire Dales as part of  Trailtrekker 2013. It’s safe to say that… Continue reading

11 nuggets of writing wisdom

In a bid to become better writers, Claire and Ben went to a Guardian Masterclass on ‘What sub editors wished you knew’. The speakers were Chris Waywell from Time Out and James Callow… Continue reading

Where do ideas come from?

It’s a good question. And, as a creative studio, it’s particularly interesting to us. We’re all full of ideas but our creative processes vary. As this blog shows, our lightbulb moments can strike… Continue reading