Inhouse Outdoors

“What am I doing? Whose idea was this? I’ve never even been to the Yorkshire Dales and now I’ve got to walk 62 miles of them, up and down bloody hills for nearly 30 hours. The enormity of what I flippantly agreed to last November is finally sinking in.”

That’s Janine telling you – in a way that only Janine can – that there are now less than three weeks to go until Trailtrekker. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a 100km, through-the-night fundraising walk in the Yorkshire Dales. And this year Alan, Janine and Amy will be taking part as team Inhouse Outdoors. They’ve been training hard since the start of the year. And Janine’s loved every minute:

“It seems such a long time ago that we did our first 5 mile walk one lunchtime and I remember being absolutely knackered. Since then I’ve suffered (I like to think more than anyone else, I am after all 44 and I’ve had two babies). I’ve been freezing cold, soaking wet, overheated. I’ve ached and pained and had mega, mega, mega-blisters and I’ve spent an effing fortune on walking kit that I just know I won’t be able to even bear to look at after TrailTrekker, let alone put on again. But here I am now. I’ve done 40 miles. I almost puked on Alan, but I did it. 40 miles!!!!! Hopefully, I’ll drag myself around the last 20.”

The team have an ambitious fundraising target. They would appreciate moral support, in the pretty specific form of sponsorship:

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While you weigh up your pending investment, here’s a picturesque photo from one of the team’s training walks. If you don’t sponsor them, they might have to bring out the feet photos: