A numbers game

The refugee crisis in Syria is growing at an extremely alarming rate. The truth is, aid agencies are overwhelmed and desperately need the help of their supporters to get food and shelter to people affected. But the overwhelming need is not something that’s immediately easy to convey. We don’t have pictures of starving children on the news. We have images of violence and conflict, interspersed with the rhetoric of politics. So where to start?

Syria is a crisis of numbers. When you can visualise those numbers, you start to get a sense of scale. You start to understand what organisations like Oxfam are dealing with – and why they need help. That’s why Oxfam and many other organisations have started to produce infographics, enabling supporters to do just that. We’ve grouped some of these on a Pinterest board. Take a look – and if you see any other examples worthy of a mention, please do send them our way.

Of course, infographics can only do half the job. Behind these alarming numbers are vulnerable people – and that’s our next creative communications challenge. Watch this space.