Dom McKenzie – Illustrator


Being an award-winning illustrator with a published book and an impressive portfolio that includes a national campaign with Cancer Research UK and editorials in the national press can’t be all that bad.

Better still if you can have that done by 23.

This is the impressive bio of illustrator Dom McKenzie who came to talk us through some of his previous work and show us a glimpse of what he can bring to Oxfam.

Here he is reading his book Henry VIII >>>

Dom began by showing us the range of his work in editorials, advertising and some of his creative projects from his graduate course. This came in various forms photography, fine art and installations.















This installation/advert features a room full of balloons that deflate slowly over time revealing more and more of the design campaign. People came back to see what was coming next.

I think that the reason he works well in illustration is because it’s (in his words) “quick to do” – he can think of a concept that works and get it down immediately. In a design world fixated on digital design and photography Dom’s work cuts through because he can go from concept to finished piece in a matter of minutes while keeping the idea fresh and full of artistry. It’s a good mix. When talking about the benefits of illustration over something like fine art he says that he chose illustration because it can utilise all the best aspects of fine art, it’s a fine art in itself, when you look at the great works of classical art for example you’re looking at illustrations of religious stories.
















The thread that runs through Dom’s most successful work is Wit; it’s funny and very concise. I think this is why his work is so commercially appealing; it starts and ends with a good idea – illustration is Dom’s most immediate way of capturing and conveying it.

By the end of the talk we were brainstorming ideas for how Dom could work with us. A really great idea was illustrating latrine mechanisms, it’s a subject that lacks charm and something that a photographer can’t really convey to an audience but you can see it working with illustration.  We’re still thinking of more things for Dom to get involved with, got any subject you’re finding difficult to… wait for it… illustrate (hahaha)?

To finish up, here are some of Dom’s sketches from his travels in Europe. 

image007 image006 image005 image004 image008































































Take a look at Dom’s website to find out more.

(Blog by Tegid Cartwright)