Keep it sweeter

A while ago, back in those hazy, halcyon days when we’d just started writing our beloved blog, we told you about a little postcard we’d made called Keep it sweet – 10 steps to making something for Oxfam. Well, now we’ve produced a more in-depth version, to share with all the lovely folk we work with. It’s designed to help improve how we work, so we produce brilliant, single-minded creative and ultimately save Oxfam a bit of money while we’re at it

The guide includes some (hopefully) helpful hints on:

> an overview of the creative process

> how to write an ace brief

> how to give good feedback

> how long it takes to make stuff

> how to commission films and photos.

You can read it for yourself if you click here.

People around Oxfam have already said some very nice things about ‘Keep it sweet’…

“Just to say what a great piece of work your ‘how-to’ booklet is. Really clear, simple and friendly.”

“This is absolutely brilliant and so useful!”

“I LOVE this!  You’ve found a really creative way of putting things clearly but nicely (and it really showcases what you can do, too).”

“Really great guide. Very much reinforces and underlines the creative expertise of your team… and hopefully of the whole division. Thanks for sharing.”

“This is really useful and beautifully presented!”

We know that briefing in and producing creative work can be a bit daunting at times, so hopefully this guide will make everything a bit clearer. We’ve got a few printed copies of the booklet – if you’d like these for your team, let us know. You might even get a sweetie.