Boxing clever

Back in November, the Campaigns team asked us to help create a stunt to support the IF campaign. They wanted to do something that would grab George Osborne’s attention and put pressure on him to keep his Government’s commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on aid. Annemarie came up with an idea inspired by the iconic scene in the Thomas Crown Affair film.  She wanted to get lots of George Osbornes holding budget boxes to march on Parliament. Cut to today, and thanks to Alan’s brilliantly designed budget box, we have 500 George Osbornes doing exactly that.


This is our budget box prototype, which Alan based on the real thing. Because we couldn’t use a photo of the original, the Inhouse budget box was designed from scratch. Alan traced a photo of the old, battered budget box in Photoshop. He then spent hours tweaking colours and textures to create an effect that was as close as possible. After adding all the little details like side seams and handles, he then fitted it to a cutter. He made loads of different versions to different sizes until he settled on the above. What you see in these photos is the result of his hard work.





Search #IF on twitter to see more pictures from this morning’s stunt.