Fire in the blood

A hot tip from one of our filmmakers, Ryan:

I heard about Fire in the Blood on Radio4’s Today programme. It’s a film about how the global pharmaceutical industries blocked cheap AIDS drugs being sold to developing countries – especially those in Africa. Never mind the fact that people desperately needed those drugs. The film featured in this year’s Sundance Film Festival and there’s a good interview with its creator, Dylan Mohan Gray, here.

Hearing about the film instantly reminded me of an old Oxfam campaign I worked on. Back in 2001, Oxfam launched Cut the Cost – a campaign to make these cheap drugs available to people who needed them. This campaign then became an integral part of the wider debate. It’s a long time ago now, but the campaign did make some major advances. I really enjoyed working on it – the materials were striking and the name of the campaign was direct and to the point.

I haven’t seen the film myself yet, but I really hope that Fire in the Blood re-ignites the debate around industries and power.

Take a look at the Fire in the Blood trailer below. You can also see the cover of Oxfam’s Cut the Cost report below that:

cut the cost