Suits you, Cancer Research UK

As an Inhouse studio, it’s really important that we keep an eye on what other creatives are doing. It’s this wandering eye that keeps us on our toes – and it’s why today, we’re dedicating a whole post to Cancer Research UK, rather than Oxfam.

Over the past few months, most of our team have had something to say about the Cancer Research re-brand, created by Interbrand. And it’s all been good. The charity unveiled its new look last year, acknowledging the need to emphasise the impact and relevancy of its work in the modern world.

They say: “Our new look is inspired by the smart, brave people who come together every day to beat cancer. It’s this collective force that makes us stronger than cancer, and means that no-one is alone in the fight against the disease.

The new logo itself represents the smaller parts that make up the bigger picture, uniting to “disintegrate cancer.” And it looks like this:


But Cancer Research didn’t stop at a re-brand. They went on to launch a highly effective integrated campaign with cut-through at every level. And it’s this that has most impressed our team. The entire campaign is based around a single, great idea. The charity committed to that idea and ensured that it was strongly reflected in all communications. There was no strand out of place.

Here’s some outdoor and indoor advertising from the campaign, so you can see what we mean:

cr_092926 cr_092927

And then they came up with another great idea in January. Dryathlon. Harnessing the power of digital tools, Cancer Research got 35,000 people to sign up, pledge to give up alcohol for a month and raise more than £3 million. Not bad.

This rebrand isn’t just about logos and typefaces. It’s about a strong idea and a consistent tone of voice. It’s confident, optimistic and full of hope. No doubt we’ll be harping on about this as an example of industry best practice for some time to come. You have been warned.