A week’s worth of food…

~2925852We’ve just seen some of our creative hard at work in Oxford train station. Oxfam fundraisers are there, talking to the public about our work, and asking people if they want to give a monthly donation.

The materials they’re using were delivered by our team last year. The brief was to create an Oxfam ‘space’ that would be installed in train stations and shopping centres across the UK. The space would act as a conversation starter and reference point, so fundraisers can bring Oxfam’s work on food to life.

In response, we looked at a range of food-related images and stories on our content database, Words and Pictures. Among them was a series of thought-provoking photos of families around the world with a week’s worth of food in front of them. We thought fundraisers could use these images to start conversations about food – what people in other countries eat, and why they’re struggling to feed their children.

And then we went a step further. We got a photo of a family in Ethiopia and decided to recreate their week’s worth of food, so potential supporters could see it for themselves. We wanted to match the photo as faithfully as possible, so we searched hardware shops for enamel bowls and hessian sacks, and bought giant bags of flour and ‘maize’ (pop corn) from the local cash and carry.

We were really pleased with the result, and the fundraisers have told us that the food acts as a great discussion point – which is just what we were after.