Matt gets social

Last week Kate and I had a day out in the name of social media. Torchbox HQ in Charlbury was my destination, and suitably scenic it was too. I soon found out that this progressive digital agency was parked a fair distance away from any workable mobile phone signal. Reduced to staring forlornly at my iPhone, the irony wasn’t lost on me. Still, you don’t need phone signal to tweet. Or like. Or post. Or pin. Or Thunderclap. Or Storify. You get the idea…

The reason for the trip was to get Torchbox to help Oxfam build an organisation-wide social media strategy in the UK. The discussion that followed was interesting, and I’m sure we’ll put it to great use. But what was really interesting for me was the opportunity to take a look at some of the most innovative and creative uses of digital/social media out there at the moment.

Here are the highlights in no particular order, as chosen by…me (Matt).

TweetReach: an online tool to track the impact of your tweets.

Thunderclap: a tool that collects up a bunch of tweets about an issue, before releasing them all at the same time for maximum impact. Oxfam used it as part of our Get Out campaign. And the Royal British Legion did too for this year’s Poppy Appeal. go on, click it.

Marmarati: helping to spread the word about Marmite XO through the brand’s biggest fans.

Poke’s Global Rich List: website invites you to plot yourself on the list and put your wealth to good use.

Amnesty’s Trial by Timeline: the Facebook app scans your profile and highlights any activity that would be deemed criminal in other countries. Genuinely scary stuff.

Bally interactive video: allows you to buy products as you see them on screen. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘window shopping’ – food for thought for Oxfam’s online shop?

Thanks very much to our Social Media Manager, Emily, and everyone at Torchbox for organising this really useful day out. I’m now back to full signal at Oxfam HQ.