A little story, about a story, about a story.

Whether it’s news from the field or ways people are supporting Oxfam, sit in our office for more than five minutes and you’ll probably hear an inspiring story of one kind or another. For us, the next step is deciding how best to share them. Tasked with promoting Message in a Book, a nifty education project for Primary and Secondary schools, we suggested trying something a bit different.

Message in a Book supports global learning and raises funds in one fell swoop. ‘That’s a nice story’ we thought. But with various elements – downloadable lesson plans, letter writing, book donations, shop visits – there’s a fair bit to explain.

That’s what we had to do, though. Online. In a few inches of screen space. And we needed to create something teachers would read and share.

The brief suggested a simple graphic. But, inspired by talk of digital mags (we’re quite liking them) and our recent dalliance with Dan ‘Great Beard’ Germain (co-founder of innocent and man wise to the power of simple storytelling) we chose to off-road, creating an online ‘book’ that tells the story of Message in a Book start to finish, in a simple, flickable, shareable, format…

And here it is.

Now we just have to hope teachers like it. Because that would be a really happy ending. And we like those, a lot.