Reinventing magazines

A few of us visited The Guardian headquarters in Kings Cross one evening recently – partly to have a nose, and partly to attend the Reinventing Magazines Masterclass.

Despite the fact that the traditional coffee break was replaced with the less traditional wine time, we took a lot away from the event*. Interesting presentations from Steven Watson, founder of Stack Magazines; Danny Miller, founder of creative agency The Church of London which publishes the film magazine Little White Lies; and Alan Rutter, a journalist who talked about how magazines like GQ, WIRED and Vogue are going digital with varying degrees of success.

Some food for thought we stuffed in our pockets:

  • If you want to do a digital version of your offline magazine, do a PDF of it first and see how it goes.
  • It’s fairly cheap and easy so if the content is compelling, it will work well.
  • Why spend time making magazines look great on iPads, tablets etc – why not just make your website look great on these devices?
  • Magazines work because they are ‘curated and finite’
  • Some magazines, like Little White Lies, upload older publications to Issuu. While they might sell a few thousand printed magazines, they’ll get up to 15,000 through the online service
  • For the more advanced, Glide is a system that uses a content management system to create new editions

And if you’re still thinking, “What’s with the pigs?”, you probably haven’t seen The Guardian’s open journalism advert yet. Take a look here.

*Information, not wine.