Brand hand

With a surname like Guthier, it might not surprise you to hear that Christian’s been keeping an eye on the German elections. And while he’s been doing that, he’s noticed something about Angela… Continue reading

Board on friday

By George, social media works

There are two ways a brand can get attention on social media: they can pay for it or they can earn it. It’s not lost on most people that while both ways have… Continue reading

Kelvin’s top five design submarines

Ok, so they’re not technically submarines. But when Kelv searched for a non-male term meaning ‘heroes’, it suggested ‘submarine’. So he’s going with it. 1. Paula Scher Started as a record sleeve… Continue reading


Christian visited Southampton University recently. He came back all wistful and wrote the following: When I went to the Southampton Uni open day with my daughter the other weekend, I came across three… Continue reading

Work experience

Hey! I’m Ben, I’m 14 and I have been doing work experience at Oxfam since Monday. I am here until Tuesday 16th and I have been experiencing what it is like to be… Continue reading

Meet Simon

Amy Christian wants you to meet someone – a brilliant photographer and film-maker who’s just been recognised for the incredible film he made for Oxfam in the DRC. Over to her: I would… Continue reading

Mad hatters

Yesterday lunchtime the Inhouse team enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea in celebration of Janine and Joe’s birthdays. Sandwiches (with the crusts cut off), scones, cakes, tea and lemonade – it was all… Continue reading

From Glasto with Love

Luke’s just got back from Glastonbury, where he helped launch the ‘Love Syria’ campaign he created for Oxfam with Jon. See below for what he thought about it. Last weekend saw the proper… Continue reading

An animated guide to land grabs

We’re always interested in new, creative routes into some of the challenging issues we need to communicate to supporters. So when animator Tim Wheatley approached us last year, we were keen to see… Continue reading

Light of day

You may remember we told you a while back about Bekki Frost’s quest to digitise Oxfam’s photo archive. She’s made some amazing discoveries along the way. And, thanks to her, some incredible images… Continue reading

Here 2013

Last Friday, a group of us went to a ‘creative symposium’ where we got as much free flavoured coconut water as we could drink. It was run by the people behind the brilliant… Continue reading

IF only

Last week’s G8 summit brought with it Oxfam’s big IF moment. The campaign itself is really ambitious, with a coalition of more than 200 organisations calling for world leaders to take action on… Continue reading

5 steps to working better as a creative team

We’re always pushing ourselves to work better – better ideas, better processes and better cakes. (Fred’s Father’s Day cake this week was a particular highlight). One thing we’ve been talking about lately is… Continue reading

Genesis, Sebastian Salgado

Story-gatherer Amy Christian has been to a brilliant exhibition. She wants to tell you about it: On Tuesday I went to visit the long anticipated exhibition ‘Genesis’ by Sebastian Salgado. Salgado has long been… Continue reading

Trailtrekker 2013

Last weekend was truly epic for Team Inhouse Outdoors. Alan, Amy, Darren (our token non-Oxfam team-mate) and Janine took to the Yorkshire Dales as part of  Trailtrekker 2013. It’s safe to say that… Continue reading

11 nuggets of writing wisdom

In a bid to become better writers, Claire and Ben went to a Guardian Masterclass on ‘What sub editors wished you knew’. The speakers were Chris Waywell from Time Out and James Callow… Continue reading

Where do ideas come from?

It’s a good question. And, as a creative studio, it’s particularly interesting to us. We’re all full of ideas but our creative processes vary. As this blog shows, our lightbulb moments can strike… Continue reading

Well done Christian Aid

Last week was Christian Aid week. I (Matt) know this because I saw the traditional advertising campaign that happens every year to announce it, although this year the campaign was far from what… Continue reading

There’s no such thing as digital

Creative Director Matt looks back on an eventful Digital Week here at Oxfam House… As part of the digital communication team’s series of talks for digital week, we were lucky enough to have… Continue reading

Inhouse Outdoors

“What am I doing? Whose idea was this? I’ve never even been to the Yorkshire Dales and now I’ve got to walk 62 miles of them, up and down bloody hills for nearly… Continue reading

A numbers game

The refugee crisis in Syria is growing at an extremely alarming rate. The truth is, aid agencies are overwhelmed and desperately need the help of their supporters to get food and shelter to… Continue reading

10 things I learned in Bangladesh

Ben’s just got back from a story gathering trip to Bangladesh, with the brilliant film-maker Gemma Atkinson from Fat Rat Films, and the also-brilliant photographer Rachel Corner from, err, Holland. They were there to… Continue reading

Meeting Zuze

Amy Christian, Inhouse story-gatherer, writes about an inspiring trip to Malawi – and meeting someone she’ll never forget. Last summer I travelled with a team to Malawi to visit a tomato project in… Continue reading

Hidden talent

This month we have launched a broad digital campaign to recruit volunteers to put on Oxjam gigs in October. The task: to get hundreds of unpaid volunteers to sign up to dedicating precious… Continue reading

Hello Alice

Fred is our resident film-maker. Alice is his daughter. Fred travels around the world making films for Oxfam. Alice asks lots of questions. Fred’s travelling to Lebanon at the moment. And Alice is… Continue reading

Ridiculous or brilliant?

UNICEF Sweden’s current social media campaign is getting a pretty polarised response. There’s lots of positive stuff about challenging followers to do more than just click ‘Like’. And there’s plenty of negative stuff… Continue reading

Hello World Bank

Last Monday morning, we had a hour to make a billboard for the side of a truck to be parked outside a World Bank meeting in New York. The message was simple. Take… Continue reading

The originals of the species

It’s Judging Week at D&AD. And this year, the organisation is opening up its process for all to see. On Wednesday evening, Matt and Luke took a tour of the work entered into… Continue reading

Board on Friday

Dom McKenzie – Illustrator

Being an award-winning illustrator with a published book and an impressive portfolio that includes a national campaign with Cancer Research UK and editorials in the national press can’t be all that bad. Better… Continue reading

On a promise

But you know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The catch is, you need to come to our Auction of Promises, being held on Monday lunchtime in conference rooms two and… Continue reading

Time for a sort out?

A few months ago, we got a brief in to create some materials to promote a new partnership between Oxfam shops and Nectar. The idea is that people who donate to our shops… Continue reading

Losing Ground exhibition

Laura, our Stories, Film and Photography intern, talks us through her latest challenge – working on an exhibition to showcase Oxfam’s land-themed work in Cambodia. It’s on in London this Easter weekend. Catch… Continue reading

An evening with Juergen Teller

Amy Christian (Inhouse story-gatherer) has been busy. She’s visited acclaimed photographer Juergen Teller’s latest exhibition in London. And she’s also been part of a Guardian Masterclass run by the great man himself. Here,… Continue reading

Keep it sweeter

A while ago, back in those hazy, halcyon days when we’d just started writing our beloved blog, we told you about a little postcard we’d made called Keep it sweet – 10 steps… Continue reading

Yes to No

Last night I (Claire) went to see No, a film directed by Pablo Larrain, about the advertising campaign used to prevent General Pinochet from remaining in power. It really made me think about the… Continue reading

Boxing clever

Back in November, the Campaigns team asked us to help create a stunt to support the IF campaign. They wanted to do something that would grab George Osborne’s attention and put pressure on… Continue reading

Back to the future

We were lucky enough to get a visit from Argentinian photographer Irina Werning this week. Annemarie rounds up the team’s thoughts below. Remember those old family snaps that raise a smile – despite… Continue reading

From Billy Fury to Bolivia

Intern Bekki Frost blogs about the amazing work she’s been doing digitising Oxfam’s photo archive – and the hidden gems she’s unearthed in the process. I came to Oxfam in January with the… Continue reading

Fire in the blood

A hot tip from one of our filmmakers, Ryan: I heard about Fire in the Blood on Radio4’s Today programme. It’s a film about how the global pharmaceutical industries blocked cheap AIDS drugs being sold… Continue reading

Suits you, Cancer Research UK

As an Inhouse studio, it’s really important that we keep an eye on what other creatives are doing. It’s this wandering eye that keeps us on our toes – and it’s why today,… Continue reading

Board on Friday

A week’s worth of food…

We’ve just seen some of our creative hard at work in Oxford train station. Oxfam fundraisers are there, talking to the public about our work, and asking people if they want to give… Continue reading

A visit from John Simmons

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from John Simmons. He’s the founder director of 26, director of The Writer and author of many books. He looks like this: As that brief bio may suggest,… Continue reading

Google Innovation Day. Yee-ha!

Last week, Jon, Kate and Amy joined lots of other people from in and around Oxfam at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford. But we weren’t there for the art. We were… Continue reading

Syria Crisis Appeal

Inhouse worked on press, dm, film and digital materials for the Syria emergency appeal. This press ad  (photo by Luca Sola) appeared over the weekend. And if you haven’t already seen it, have… Continue reading

Inspiration from yesteryear

We were sent a link to an interesting Pinterest board set up by Mark Phillips this week – thanks, Al. Mark’s compiled a collection of old charity ads. You can take a look at it… Continue reading


Playing with words – it’s one of the joys of copywriting. And, late last year, we got to do just that, thanks to a brief from the Shops team. They wanted a set of… Continue reading

Dancing, cake and adventure

Just before Christmas, we were briefed to produce a press ad to promote Oxfam’s big fundraising event for women – Get Together. The ad’s going to be in the Big Issue next week,… Continue reading